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Types of Moving Boxes

Types of Moving Boxes

Moving is quite a complicated process, so when the time is drawing to move, everyone becomes nervous and bewildered. The one thought of dealing with a large amount of work can upset the person’s equanimity.

Special moving boxes are frequently used to pack the items in. The problem is that not everyone knows all the important details, concerning the proper belongings packing with the assistance of moving boxes.

In some cases, you can borrow boxes from your friends, neighbors or relatives or you may turn to a grocery store for some slightly-used boxes. These little tips are very useful. They give you an opportunity to save some money and cut down extra expenses. The moving house is said to need a lot of money and it is the truth. If you want to transport your possessions safely without any damage, you’ll obviously spend a lot of money for the much-needed packing supplies. That’s why you need to pay attention to the most significant aspects is choosing the right-sized boxes. It is important to know what type of moving boxes you exactly need for your smooth and stress-free relocation experience.

There are different kinds of boxes. They may be made of durable materials such as wood or metal for some heavy objects, or of corrugated fiberboard, paperboard. Also, they may be made of some non-durable materials for light items.

Moving Boxes

Models of Boxes

  1. A corrugated box is a shipping container fabricated from corrugated fiberboard. It is the most known box model. It is used very frequently in moving house, transporting and warehousing products. It consists of double-wall construction. You can pack your china, dishes, crystal, and glassware in it.

  2. The next one is a folding carton. Sometimes it is called just a box. It is made of paperboard. Sometimes the paperboard is printed. It is used to transport a large number of goods. It is one-time use box.

  3. There is also a storage box. This type is commonly used as a container for a Christmas gift decorated with wrapping paper.

  4. A “set up” box (or rigid paperboard box) is fabricated from stiffer paperboard. It is widely used for protecting high-value items such as cosmetics, gadgets, fragile items, watches or smaller consumer electronics. A crate is originally made of wood. It consists of six sides that must be put in place to result in the nominal strength of the container. It is a heavy duty shipping container which is necessary during the moving, shipping and storing of expensive wines.

  5. A hanging wardrobe box is in every size (small, medium, large and extra large). There is a metal bar inside. And it shaped just like a real wardrobe. It is useful for transporting clothes. If you put garments in a handing wardrobe box, it will not wrinkle. This box is used for hanging clothes in order to not spoil the look of it. Moreover, this is a perfect container for moving of chandeliers or delicate wind chimes.

  6. A lay down wardrobe moving box is another type of moving boxes designed to move clothes. It is also a good way for transporting of garments in a flat form. You should know that this box cannot be over-weighted because it is made of the weak material, which can easily crack.

  7. A picture box, which is also called «a mirror box». It is common to put together two picture boxes in one by a strong filament tape. This kind allows you to avert the mirror cracking. In this case, for the sake of mirror, you should put the bubble wrap into the box.

  8. A dish pack is a perfect container for glasses, cups or liquor bottles, bowls, stemware, dishes and other kitchenware. There are cell dividers inside a box, that’s why you can sigh with relief and do not worry about the safety of your kitchen items.

  9. A mattress box gives you an opportunity to transport mattresses of various sizes: crib, twin, standard, double and queen/ king. Nowadays a mattress box is replaced by the plastic bags because they are cheaper.

  10. A custom crate is a good solution to the problem of transportation of antiques, chandeliers, masterpieces. This one is usually made of wood.

Whatever you need, you can easily call Global Moving, LLC to help you with all the moving boxes to provide you with a smooth and easy moving experience.


Everyone knows that moving house needs the proper preparation and strong nerves, but not every person knows how hard it can be. Relying on this information you can choose the best moving box to get an easy and stress-free moving experience. Thanks to these tips you will be ready for the common problems concerning the belongings’ packing.