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Checklist For Moving

Everyone knows how difficult the moving process is and how stressful may be its preparation. A lot of people used to prepare their checklist for moving a day before their move. What do they get in return? The answer is simple: stress, anxiety, irritation and a big bag of nerves. Of course, it is difficult to move all of your belongings, – relocating your life is quite a stressful process.

Moving is a very similar to the game “hide-and-seek” process.  You should keep track of a lot of things and find all of them as soon as it is possible. It is quite difficult to keep in mind all you need to do. It’s easy to forget about little things (especially those that are placed in the most inconspicuous place).

But there is a very wise and simple advice which will help you to solve or even avoid all the moving problems and make this process easier, faster and stress-free. You should know that the main key to get a smooth moving experience leads in self-organization. That’s why you need to take time to prepare a checklist for moving day. It will be a great assistant for as well as a good friend which will make the relocation process careless, comfortable, fast and easy.

Plan ahead as much as it is possible. It will save your time, nerves and a good mood. Two months or at least five weeks ahead of your move made yourself plan a moving checklist. Think about all the necessities and get rid of those things which you do not need anymore. It will be quite helpful for you, because why should you pay for moving items which you do not need anymore? Make a place in your room for those items, which you would like to take with yourself as well as for those which you are going to get rid of. If you’ve cleared out the items which you do not want to take with you, put them aside, take several boxes or other packing materials and start packing up all the things you won’t need right away. It will cut down your moving expenses.

Think about the biggest things. It’s important to pack them all in advance in order to feel free from worrying when it comes to the moving day. It will be the very busy day, so you should remember all the stuff you need to pack and take with yourself.

Moving day is the big day and you need to be well prepared for it. We know how to make the moving day easy and worry-free. We’ve prepared a special moving out checklist which may become a great assistant for you during the difficult process of relocation. We know how hard it is to leave the home where you’ve spent a lot of years, where you’ve left a lot of sweet memories and where a part of your life was spent. Moving all your belongings from the one place to another is hard as well as relocating your life to the new place. For somebody, it may seem to be a simple process, while for the other person it may turn to be a big bag of nerves. Somebody likes to change something in his/her life, while the other one prefers to live by rules without any changes. It’s life. And we are different. But each of us faces a relocation problem at least once in his life.

Relocation to the new home is a new start. That’s why you should know that moving to the new place should be exciting, amazing and impressive! 

So, if you face the relocation task, what should you do? The answer is simple: prepare yourself for relocation. But how to do it without any nerves and stress? It is easy. Moving out checklist will be a great assistant to help.

We’ve prepared a great checklist for moving for you. It’s broken into stages. In this moving day checklist below you’ll find all the information you need to prepare an easy relocation without any stress or anxiety. We have outlined the most important and valuable factors (we can call them “steps”) to provide you with a great relocation experience. We’ll help you to understand what you shall do before, during and even after your move.

We’ve prepared an 8 weeks guide, which will not only prepare you for the upcoming move day but also provide you with numerous advice and protect your mood from negative thought and impressions. So, you’ll be sure that all your work will be successfully done before the moving day and you’ll have a plenty of time to celebrate your relocation with friends and relatives.

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Global Moving, LLC suggests you acquaint with a checklist for moving. Hope it will help you a lot:

2 Months Before Moving

If you have children you need to take care of their education and find a proper school or kindergarten in the place you are going to move. You should know that one of the top priorities for you should be a strong desire to make a strong and reliable nest for future

Gather the copies of legal and financial documents. Collect all the medical and dental records and prepare school and veterinarian records for transferring to the new location

7 Weeks Before Moving

6 Weeks Before Moving

5 Weeks Before Moving

1 Month Before Moving

If you have some items as, for example, furniture, but it is too big or old or if you simply want to change it for the new one, you can sell it. Somebody may be looking for it, but the price of the new one may seem to be a little bit expensive. If you suggest the good at a reasonable price, you’ll win twice: the customer will be happy and you’ll get some money and get rid of the furniture. If there is no customer for your furniture you can just donate it

3 Weeks Before Moving

2 Weeks Before Moving

1 Week Before Moving

And at last the last week. It’s the week of verifying the whole apartment moving checklist. It is the week you need to organize your belongings, clean your home and finish your moving packing checklist. Make sure that everything is packed, that everything is in the right room. It will prevent you from stress, worrying and irritation. Worry-free moving day and a great moving experience… Sounds great, doesn’t it?

A week before the moving day you need to:

Moving House

What Should You Do In A Moving Day?

Well, now you know what to do and how it is comfortable to use the moving home checklist. It does not matter whether you are going to move to the other city or to the other state. Our checklist for moving out will be an irreplaceable assistant for you, which will keep up with you all the process of the moving preparation.

If the moving day has come, what should you do? It seems that everything is packed, everything is ready to move. Everyone may agree with it, but there are some key tasks which are highly important to complete the process of relocation successfully. So, let’s start.

Moving Day

Moving day is here. What should you do?

If you get up early, you’ll have an extra time to prepare yourself for the move

Make a final walk through the house, checking every room and closet to make sure nothing is forgotten

In a moving day, take your moving packing checklist and mark the tasks which are already done

Now when everything is done, you are ready to move


Preparing a checklist for moving out is not an easy task. But with our assistance, it becomes easier. All you need to do is to follow the steps and do not forget about yours (you can add something else to this list, as for example something that means a lot to you). Hope our moving checklist timeline will be a great assistant for you on a moving day.


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Checklist For Moving